Lab Update (Summer 2020)

We’re thrilled to be returning to the lab after the COVID shutdown!

In all the upheaval, we missed posting about a few really important events.

This spring we welcomed first year graduate student ASM Saem. Saem earned his MS at Mississippi State University after a BS at Rajshahi University. Welcome Saem!

We also celebrated two lab members as they earned their degrees and went forth in the world.

Ethan Kimmett (BS ’20) graduated and is starting a PhD program in chemistry at the University of Oregon.

Lauren Profitt’s (PhD ’20) virtue of never procrastinating really served her well this spring, as she was able to defend her PhD thesis in person before the shutdown. She’s now an Analytical Scientist at Quotient Sciences, still in the Philadelphia area.

We’ll miss them both so much, but we look forward to following their success! Here are Ethan and Lauren after winning undergraduate and graduate poster prizes, respectively, in February at the American Chemical Society Philadelphia Section Younger Chemists’ Committee poster session: