Lab Update (Winter 2021-22)

Okay, we’ve been really bad about keeping up with lab news. 

Lots to say, though! 

Both Imdad Haque and Lori Çobani successfully defended their Original Research Proposals and advanced to PhD candidacy.  

Lori and Imdad also did absolutely heroic teaching during the height of the COVID madness, and both were recognized for their excellence. Lori won the departmental Guy Allen Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2020 and the College of Science and Technology Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in 2021. Imdad won the Guy Allen Award in 2021.  

Graduate student ASM Saem finished his cumulative exams – another hurdle, cleared! 

In early 2021 terrific undergraduate researcher Owen Glaser joined the lab, and he’s headed to graduate school after graduation this spring. Stay tuned! 

Finally, just at the end of 2021 we welcomed new graduate student Yong Suk (Isaac) Choi from Haverford College. We’re so happy you’re here!