Old Group Pictures


Spring 2018: Ethan Kimmett, Jack Lehman, Lauren Profitt, Anna Gallo, Ann, Corey Herbst-Gervasoni


Fall 2017: Ethan Kimmett, Corey Herbst-Gervasoni, Anna Gallo, Olivia Stepanic, Lauren Profitt, Ann

On Fridays We Wear Green

Spring 2017: Anna Gallo, Lauren Profitt, Corey Herbst-Gervasoni, Ann

On Wednesdays we wear green?


Fall 2016: Kayleigh Jones, Lauren Profitt, Corey Herbst-Gervasoni, Anna Gallo, Olivia Stepanic, Mark Zierden, Ann

Apr 27, 12 04 05 PM

Summer 2015: (back row) Melanie Jalloh, Corey Herbst-Gervasoni, Ann, Nigam Padhair (front row) Laura Villarreal, Mark Zeiden, Anna Gallo, Kayleigh Jones, Kaitlyn Dutton


Spring 2014: Ann, Anna Gallo, Kayleigh Jones, Corey Herbst-Gervasoni, Mark Zierden, Charles Dao


Spring 2014: Mark Zierden, Kayleigh Jones, Anna Gallo, Ann, Kate Buettner, Corey Herbst-Gervasoni

It’s a rare sight when the lab dresses up!

summer 2010 lab

Summer 2010: Kathy Batchler, Amymarie Bartholomew, Akira Iinishi, Ann, Kate Buettner, Jean Gaffney, and Denise Alfonso

This was a lab cookout at my house, and the students decided to have a “talent show.” We had Irish step dancing (times two!) in the garage, a violin concert, and origami. My talent was ordering the catering.


summer 2009 lab

Summer 2009: Akira Iinishi, Hayley Israel, Jonathan Graeupner, Danielle Krasner, Rachel Meserole, Jen Gaffney, Ann, Kathy Batchler, and Kate Buettner

This one was in front of the Y-A-L-E C-H-E-M gate.


summer 2008 lab

Summer 2008: Hayley Israel, Kathryn Cole, Josh Ford, Jean Gaffney, Kate Buettner, Kathy Batchler, and Ann

When you don’t *announce* a group picture, you get great surprises like the famous pink-on-pink outfit.



Summer 2006: (front row) Kathryn Cole, Emily Eames, Chase Butler, and Ritika Uppal (back row) Joe Collins, Ann, Patrick Lombardi, Bob Macfarlane, Cynthia Petersen, Josh Ford, and Arthur Tinoco

The group wasn’t this big – these were current lab members and alumni.



Summer 2003: Baldo Lucchese, Arthur Tinoco, Nneka Umeh, Ann, Zheni Gjoka, Ritika Uppal, Kevin Jones, Joe Collins, and Rob Doyle

One of Ann’s failed experiments that summer was bold orange hair color. Would like to forget that period.


2002 lab

2002: Robert Fuller, Mike Lawlor, Ann, Shari Damast

This was my first group picture: Robert and Shari were my first undergrads, and Mike is in the picture to make the group look bigger…

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