Anna Presents at the GRC/GRS!

Anna presented a poster at the Metals in Biology Gordon Research Conference and a talk at the Bioinorganic Chemistry Gordon Research Seminar on her work investigating the interactions between titanium dioxide and Rhodococcus ruber. If you have any questions or comments about our lab’s work, please let us know!

Jack Nicoludis (Harvard) put together a wonderful program and we look forward to next year’s GRS chaired by Tasha Manesis (Ohio State) and Kyle Rodriguez (University of Fribourg)!

Photo credit: Jack Nicoludis, the Bioinorganic GRS chair!

CST Graduation!

Today was the College of Science and Technology Winter Graduation! Again we congratulate Dr. Corey Herbst-Gervasoni for earning his PhD. The hooding ceremony makes it official!

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Chemistry After Dark

Corey presented his thesis work to fellow graduate students at Chemistry After Dark on Friday. Great job, Corey!


Lab members past, present, and honorary came out to support Corey!

group pic
(L to R): Jodi Kraus, Mark Zierden, Ethan Kimmett, Anna Gallo, Kayleigh Jones, Olivia Stepanic, Lauren Profitt, and Corey Herbst-Gervasoni

Presenting our research

The lab has been busy this month! Ann gave talks at Drew University, Emory University, and Gettysburg College, while Anna and Lauren presented posters at the 5th Philadelphia Inorganic Colloquium at Swarthmore College.

If you would like to hear more about what we do, let us know!

Corey Presents at ACS in DC

Corey Herbst-Gervasoni presented at the National American Chemical Society Meeting this morning, where he shared some of his work on his favorite siderophore, enterobactin, and its interactions with Ti(IV). If you didn’t get a chance to talk with him, or you have any further questions about his work or our lab’s work, let us know!


Corey attended and presented at the National ACS in Washington, DC.

Officially Temple Graduates!

Congrats to all Temple graduates, especially CST and Department of Chemistry grads! We had 15 chemistry PhD students graduate, including 3 inorganic students: Kayleigh Jones (Valentine lab), Mike Gau (Zdilla lab), and Ian McKendry (Zdilla lab)! Thank you all, especially to Kayleigh for her guidance and friendship in our lab.

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Lauren’s Literature Seminar

Lauren hit another milestone for her PhD. She presented her graduate literature seminar in front of the chemistry department yesterday on lignin-coated titanium dioxide nanoparticles as a possible sunscreen. Keep up the great work, Lauren!

Lauren getting ready to present her literature seminar